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191 Cuba Street Redevelopment

Project Type: Hospitality

Client: Cornerstone Partners, Solari Group, Isthmus Group

Location: 191 Cuba Street, Petone, Wellington

The iconic 191 Cuba Street embarked on a truly exceptional journey, uniting three distinct yet interconnected projects into a harmonious whole. This remarkable transformation unfolded seamlessly within the existing occupied building, breathing new life into its storied past while securing its future.

Stage 1 of this grand narrative began with the seismic strengthening and refurbishment of the three-story Heritage-listed building, which stands as a premium cornerstone at the intersection of Cuba

and Vivian Streets. This stage was a testament to our commitment to preserving heritage while ensuring structural integrity.

The first chapter involved the meticulous refurbishment of the ground floor façade, introducing new timber shopfront windows and tiled walls, and carefully demolishing the ground floor corner tenancy while upgrading base build services. Concurrently, we undertook the seismic strengthening of the building, which included exterior FRP wrap, steel tension bars, and ‘K’ frames.

Stage 1 reached its conclusion with the revitalization of the building envelope, encompassing reglazing and refurbishment of the existing heritage metal windows, epoxy injection grouting of concrete cracks, and a reimagining of the building's exterior in an era-appropriate Art Deco motif. This initial work drew the attention of discerning tenants who recognized the building's renewed charm, setting the stage for what was to come.

The next chapters continued with the Solari Architects' high-spec office fitout, an artistic transformation tailored to the architectural practice's esteemed vision. This stage harmonized exposed ceiling services, architectural acoustic treatments, and an ornate carpet pattern reminiscent of the building's Art Deco style, resulting in an innovative and inspiring office space.

The final chapter of this inspiring narrative introduced the Isthmus Group fitout, a finely crafted office space designed to ignite the creativity of the Isthmus Group. Notably, the Isthmus fitout incorporated innovative "saveboard" wall board material for their interior partitions, which upcycles packaging waste, including Tetra Paks, into compressed boards.

All these transformative stages were undertaken seamlessly, with the remainder of the building fully occupied. This not only showcases our proficiency in constructing in an occupied environment but also exemplifies our dedication to preserving heritage, ensuring structural integrity, and delivering exceptional office environments, all while maintaining a harmonious coexistence with occupants. This is a testament to Ironhorse Construction's unwavering commitment to revitalizing cherished community establishments, preserving heritage, and ushering in a new era for iconic buildings.

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