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68 Jervois Quay

Project Types: Seismic, Exterior Refurb, Service Upgrade, Office Fitout

Client: Cornerstone

Location: 68 Jervois Quay

The 68 Jervois Quay project, with a budget of $22 million, is a remarkable testament to Ironhorse Construction's commitment to resilience and innovation. This project was a multifaceted transformation that involved seismic strengthening, exterior refurbishment, service upgrades, and a comprehensive office fitout.

The centrepiece of this endeavour was the seismic strengthening of a twin-tower, ten-story office building. The goal was to achieve a 100% yellow book rating, which demanded extensive structural enhancements. The project involved the installation of structural steel support brackets, FRP-wrapping the ground floor columns, and post-tension steel rods to fortify the building's capacity to withstand seismic events.

Simultaneously, the exterior of the building underwent a complete overhaul. Outdated windows were replaced with double low-E coated, argon-filled double glazing set within thermally broken frames. New exterior sealant, fresh paint, and an insulated membrane roof on the podium level were installed, enhancing the building's aesthetic appeal and energy efficiency.

In addition to structural and exterior upgrades, the project encompassed service improvements, including the replacement of the boiler & chiller with new high-efficiency heat pump units, upgrades to lifts, and seismic restraint of ceilings. This comprehensive transformation not only ensured the building's structural resilience but also delivered a state-of-the-art office environment for the building.

The project represents a $25 million investment in creating a space that seamlessly integrates structural resilience with innovation. It's a testament to our expertise in managing complex, multifaceted projects, and our unwavering dedication to delivering spaces that meet the highest standards of quality and functionality.

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